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From Mon 24 Sep 2012 to Sat 13 Oct 2012

After a get-together in Paris on 24 September, 8 nights in Quimper, 5 nights in Bordeaux, 5 nights in Sarlat...Three extremely different regions, each with their own history, architecture, culture, traditions - and gastronomy and wine! Three groups - advanced and intermediate language groups, while the third for spouses, partners, and friends, has a separate programme when the others are in "class", with get-around basic French and things to see the others may miss!! Essentially, there is something for everyone - we try and share our love of France with all those who come on our Language & Culture Tours

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Chris Gossip

Programme leader : Chris Gossip
Brought up in Edinburgh where he went to school and university, Chris held academic posts at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Wales Swansea before emigrating with his family in 1991 to take up the Chair of French at the University of New England in Armidale NSW. Since mid-2007 he has been able to devote more time to research and to a major interest, travel. Having spent several years in France and made countless other visits, he looks forward to passing on his passion for its history, geography and cultural heritage.

Following the highly successful  Language & Culture Tour, France 2011,

“Merci beaucoup…C’était magnifique” (Jann B, October 2011)

CPEDERF has pleasure in announcing





With Emeritus Professor Chris Gossip (University of New England)


(8 days in Quimper  - 5 days in Bordeaux  - 5 days in Sarlat)


French Language Practice and a full programme of Cultural Exploration


Monday 24 September – Saturday 13 October 2012



These tours are designed especially for members of the Alliance Française and U3A branches in Australia, but absolutely anyone keen to practise and perfect their oral French will be most welcome!

An important note :  accompanying spouses, partners and friends not interested in learning French will have a separate guided programme when the language participants are in their language-group sessions!


Improve your knowledge of the French language, with abundant practice of listening to and speaking French, as well as developing your knowledge of French culture. Following the model of the 2011 tour, the programme will combine serious practical work – group language sessions all the way through the tour - with a wide variety of cultural experiences, offering you an enjoyable holiday to ensure your return home understanding and speaking French with greater confidence and facility than when you arrived!  And having learned quite a bit more about France.


Some unsolicited comments from Alliance and U3A participants in September 2011 :

 We thank you for a wealth of unforgettable experiences, you have given us such a wonderful experience” (BC)  I will never forget you or this wonderful experience” (JP) “What a wonderful time we all had…at the end I felt almost bilingual…It’s not enough to say the tour was fabulous. It was much more…”(DW)  The tour was the best I have ever been on” (JP) “Thank you so much for making this tour unforgettable” (CB) “Merci pour tout, magnifique” (JM)  Fabulous “(JD) “ Thank you for all you did for helping us to enjoy ‘the French experience’” (MC/MB) “The tour was really marvellous, inoubliable!” (HC) “A marvellous time” (RG) “Thank you so much for having shared your passion for France with us” (The group at the end of the tour)


BRETAGNE, as far away from Paris as Provence, a unique historic and almost mysterious cultural region – the Celts, the incredible churches and their enclos, calvaries, sculptures and reredos, the absolutely marvellous scenery and monuments  including the “Land’s End” of France, the Pointe du Raz, the extraordinary bird sanctuary of Sizun, the megalithic sites of Carnac and Locmariaquer and the beautiful  towns of Locronan and the walled town of Concarneau, the exquisite ports of Guilvinec for the arrival of the fishing fleet,  Douarnenez…and much more, not forgetting  the cider, crêpes  and seafood!  We are based in Quimper, one of the loveliest and most picturesque old towns in Brittany - with its great cathedral which takes a bend in the middle!  One of the highlights in Quimper will be a visit to the Faïencerie Henriot, home of the most famous of the Breton faience (glazed earthenware)


AQUITAINE – we are based in Bordeaux, your hotel being in the very centre of the“Golden Triangle” part of this superbly restored World Heritage 18th century city (France’s answer to St Petersburg!)  You will have guided visits in Bordeaux, including a river cruise to see the incredibly magnificent Port de la Lune from the River Gironde, but time also to explore following your own interests. In Bordeaux, wine of course is inevitably important  - there will be an excursion to the World Heritage beautiful wine capital town of St Emilion, as well as a morning’s course in the Ecole du Vin learning about what makes Bordeaux wines so great. The experience will be highly instructive even if you do not want to taste any wines –  

after all you will be covering more than two thousand years of history!


While in Bordeaux a whole day's excursion will be devoted to two major literary figures : the great 18th century writer Montesquieu who lived in the Château de la Brède, and the 20th century Nobel literature prize-winner François Mauriac who lived at Malagar. There will be guided visits of both places...and in the course of the day's excursion you will visit other picturesque and historically interesting villages and towns, in particular Sauveterre-de-Guyanne, a typical English 13th century "bastide", and Saint Macaire, a most beautiful small town dating back to the 12th century. Another highlight will be an excursion to visit the Vauban "citadelle" in Blaye. (Vauban, one of the most important urban and military architects of the 17th century, also of World Heritage status - his work is still very much part of the French landscape today).


DORDOGNE. Five days based in one of the most filmed small towns in France, Sarlat. Magnificently restored, certainly the most beautiful spot in an extraordinarily beautiful region. Everything around Sarlat is spectacular - the  glorious town of Domme, the Cingle de Montfort, the castle Beynac-et-Cazenac, Les Eyzies, La Roque-Gageac, the Gouffre de Padirac, the World Heritage site of Rocamdour, and one of the most celebrated gardens in France, that of the Manoir d'Eyrignac. You will visit them all, and more - and everywhere you go, you will want to talk about all you see and experience - in French!





The FAREWELL DINNER will take place in Sarlat on the evening of Friday 12 October.

The GROUP RETURN TO PARIS will be by coach to Bordeaux and then TGV to Paris. The TGV timetable for October will not be officially known until June 2012, but it is anticipated that the group will arrive in Paris (Gare Montparnasse) at around 15h30.

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FRENCH LANGUAGE & CULTURE TOUR 2012 with Chris Gossip (Brittany, Aquitaine, Dordogne)

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